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Issues & Actions

Research & Monitoring on The Yukon North Slope

The Yukon North Slope Long-term Research and Monitoring Plan identifies a series of priority Issues and Actions related to research and monitoring on the Yukon North Slope. Organized in tables, these Issues and Actions include information on targets, timelines, status, as well as responsible agencies and supporting partners. The tables are organized into the following categories:

  1. Coastal Ecosystems (Research and Monitoring)
  2. Land and Freshwater (Ecosystems Research and Monitoring)
  3. Traditional Knowledge (Use and Documentation)
  4. Human Use and Impact (Research and Monitoring)
  5. Cultural Resource (Research and Monitoring)
  6. Contaminants (Research and Monitoring)
  7. Coastal Wildlife (Research and Monitoring)
  8. Land and Freshwater Wildlife (Research and Monitoring)
  9. Data Management
  10. Mapping

Issues and Actions can be seen here: Issues and Actions (2000)