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Herschel Island Qikiqtaryuk: A Cultural and Natural History

A book on the culture and natural history on Hershel Island.

About the Book 

Herschel Island is a remarkable place. For hundreds of years, it sustained aboriginal people who lived off the sea, and its shelter provided a base for the western Arctic whaling fleet in the 1890s.

It was named by John Franklin during a voyage to establish sovereignty over arctic North America, and it was the location of the first police detachment in the Canadian Arctic. Herschel Island was a logistical centre during the offshore oil boom of the 1970s and early 1980s, but it is now designated as a territorial park, a reserve established as a result of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. As a wilderness park, it is a semi-contained ecosystem and presents land, ocean, and coastal environments.

This book can be purchased in Whitehorse at MacBride Museum and Mac's Fireweed. Online order information is available through the University of Calgary Press

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